Vegan Radish Kimchi


Another favourite from the dinner tables of Korea, this Mooli Radish Kimchi is fresh and light, often crunchy, and has a hint of natural sweetness.

Suitable for Vegans and made using a traditional family recipe, this Radish kimchi is also as popular in Korea as cabbage kimchi. Radish kimchi has been enjoyed by generations and known for its unique texture and flavor. Gluten free.

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What inside?

Mooli, Onion, Red Chilli Pepper, Garlic, Potato, Apple, Plum Extract, Water, Salt, and Sugar* (*sugar is mainly consumed in fermentation).


How do I eat it?

On it’s own straight from the jar, with a main meal or starter. Radish Kimchi is best served straight from the fridge. Particularly nice as nibbles with drinks or with a salad in the sunshine, and equally delicious with a hearty hot meal.

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Kimchi is a live, fermented product. Raw and unpasteurized. When you receive your kimchi, please keep it refrigerated as this will preserve its life. We also recommend that you keep your kimchi submerged in the juices of your jar too, as that will also help it last longer.


Well Being

We work with expert in gut health, Julia Davies Nutrition, who regularly contributes to our blog and web content. We take her advice very seriously and you can learn more about the health benefits of kimchi here.

When you buy a roots of kimchi product, you can be assured of our commitment to truly Korean recipes and flavours, and our British values to ensure we exceed all safety requirements in our manufacturing process. In fact, we don’t think there’s any better, more authentic kimchi products available outside of Korea! Whether you’re an ongoing roots of kimchi customer, or new to our products, we love hearing the wonderful ways in which customers are using our foods!

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